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craftd is a third-party implementation of the Minecraft SMP server protocol.

The goal of craftd is to provide a high performance, low overhead implementation of the Minecraft Survival Multiplayer (SMP) protocol

craftd keeps modern UNIX daemon philosophy in mind. This includes best practice like async polling I/O, multi-threading, and use of high quality libraries whenever possible. craftd is written in C99. Advanced platform features such as plugins and scripting are offered.

Currently, craftd is managed by Precipice Games developers dotblank and HACKhalo2, hopefully to spark interest again :D .

  • You can find the latest source on github. Feel free to watch or fork!
  • The latest roadmap of craftd is here.
  • Want to help? Need help? Come talk! #craftd.
  • A test world is sometimes available at or

Shout out to Coestar for providing me with a copy of Minecraft and the motivation for the project.

User Documentation
Developer Documentation