Bedrock Edition Cheats

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"Cheat Clients" or "Utility Mods" for Minecraft bedrock are unlike those for Java, these are usually DLLs which are injected into the game using a DLL injector, whereas for Minecraft Java they are .jar files ready to be added in the Minecraft Launcher. There are many Cheats for Minecraft Bedrock, but they seem to get discontinued often. Features in these can vary from small visual changes to flying and spawn in items.

The Most Popular Cheats


The best cheat for Minecraft Bedrock is jarjar, it allows you to get a big penis. You can download it at


One of the most downloaded internal addons for Minecraft Bedrock, Zephyr is a complete replacement of the Atani addon.

Community Jokes

Silent, a cluster fuck of four grown men giving mutual masturbations and charging people for early access. The client was never released, and the discord was shortly terminated after several admins tried "nuking" the discord.