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"Cheat Clients", "Utility Mods" or "Hack Clients" for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition are unlike those for Java. Internal clients are usually coded in C++ and are DLLs which are injected into the game using a DLL injector. External clients are typically compiled into an exe file and most likely are coded in C#. In Minecraft: Java Edition, clients are compiled into .jar files ready to be added in the Minecraft Launcher. There are many Cheats for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, but they seem to get discontinued often. Features in these can vary from small visual changes to flying and nukers. The current Minecraft: Bedrock Edition update is 1.17.1004.0.

Current Cheats


Strike is an external cheat for MCBE (Windows 10). It is easier to use than an internal cheat and is written in C#.

[Status]: Strike is available for 1.17.1004.0 through their Discord.

Strike Discord: Strike Website: or Strike Developer Website:


Zephyr is one of the most downloaded free internal clients for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, and is a complete replacement of Atani Client. The client is accessible through Ambrosial, a launcher for MCBE (Windows 10) utility mods.

[Status]: Zephyr is available for 1.17.1004.0 through their Discord.

Zephyr Discord:

Upcoming Cheats


Chronos is an upcoming Minecraft: Bedrock Edition internal client. It is also referred to as Horion 2; since one of the Richard, one of the Horion developers, mainly contributes to this project now. Some of the developers were proved to IP/coordinate log in a past client, which has sparked controversy.

[Status]: Chronos will be available for 1.17.201 on Patreon.

Chronos Discord:

Current Launchers

Ventile Client

Ventile Client is the most popular Launcher/injector for Minecraft Windows 10 written in C#. It has following features: - many Cosmetics like Caps, Masks, etc - Custom DLL injection - Customisable Discord RPC - Customisable Launcher experience and more.

You can get this Launcher on their Discord.

Discontinued Cheats


Chron client was an external client made by the legendary CXCubeHD. It began as an external hacked client and eventually became a legit (PvP) client. It was eventually discontinued, and Quadrix Client replaced it.

[Status]: Discontinued; Chron was available for 1.16.40 to the public.


Flare was an external cheat client for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition for the 1.14.X versions of the game. Despite it being an external client, it still was able to get a lot of attention and was a nice alternative if a user did not want to use Horion. Originally written in C# by ASM & EchoHackCmd, its source code is still publicly available on GitHub, and sometimes still used as a reference for modern external clients.

[Status]: Discontinued; Flare was available for 1.14.60 to the public.


Horion was likely the most notable Minecraft: Bedrock Edition internal cheat. It was free for all people and also had a beta that users could purchase if they wanted access to early updates and premium modules. The client had a large community surrounding it, despite being nuked several times throughout its history. After the client ceased development due to the developers not being motivated, many forks of Horion began to appear, such as the Badman and Packet clients. Despite this, Horion's legacy goes on up until this day, being one of the most respected and best clients in MCBE history.

[Status]: Discontinued; Horion was last available for 1.16.201 to the public.


JarJar was a paid MCBE (Windows 10) hacked client.

[Status]: Discontinued; JarJar was last available for 1.17.201 to boosters of their Discord guild.

Community Jokes/Skids

A Silent Place

A cluster fuck of four grown men giving mutual masturbations and charging people for early access. The client was never released, and their Discord server was shortly terminated after several admins tried "nuking" the guild. This client was a Horion copy/paste, and the Discord guild was raided many times by members of the community.


This client was one of the very first skids of Horion, with many more to come in the future. It was hated upon strongly by the Horion community since the client did nothing more than add an invisible module and change the font of the client GUI. The developers (Merti and Astral) often seeked attention through stunts, such as their terrible Horion Diss Track. The developers later on allowed users to purchase their client on Patreon, which went against the Horion source code terms, and ultimately caused Horion's source code to be temporarily removed from GitHub. The client ceased development after the Horion developers closed their source code. After Lunicornia, Merti and Astral eventually tried to make others clients, including Nightshade, Ace, and Lunicornia 2, but all of these shut down within days.

Hated Members

RTX Toggled/v3n3lu

A member of the community known for being hate by everyone for putting "subwalls" to unlock free clients. He also nuked the Ventile Client server for seemingly no reason, causing them to lose 150 members. He also recently botted his Discord guild to get 30,000 Discord server members. He also created a fake nitr0 server when the original one was terminated and for a while distributed a fake version of nitr0 that might have been malware. “As a former Moderator on his server, I can confirm its shite” - megahendrik#7447


A YouTuber who hasn't uploaded in like 3 months, put paywalls on free clients, and sold his own Horion copy/paste until his server got nuked by the very hot and cool and very epic flash_#1337


Horion 2

A phrase in the MSBE Cheat community commonly used as a compliment or joke when referring to a client that is either promising or a fake/joke client, respectfully. Many of such jokes or compliments are often made by older members of the Horion or cheating community. These jokes have some sort of background stating that Horion, being known for being one of the best and most copy/pasted clients, will be revamped in a supposed 'Horion 2'. If a download is supplied by anyone who claims they have access to 'Horion 2', it is highly likely to be malicious; often leading to token logging.

Do The Merti

A phrase referencing Merti, one of the Lunicornia Client developers, faking his own suicide for attention. This phrase/event sprouted many memes throughout the Horion community.


Defined by urban dictionary a skid is: Shorthand term for script kiddie. These are the people who troll hacker forums. They are bored and threaten to boot other people offline with the scripts they find on PasteBin. They often go to other forums and beg for help to get the script working. Often, they'll beg their parents for money for an extra VPS to run the scripts on. [Usage]: That developer is a skid. He is skidding Horion. That client is a skid.