Bedrock Edition Program List

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List of Minecraft: PE Clients, Servers, Libraries, Wrappers and Tools.

Name Description Type Author(s) Language License Features Platform Last Version Supported
PocketMine-MP Server with Plugin API, Multiworlds and more Server PocketMine Team PHP LGPL Alpha_1.4.1 beta1 1357003995 windows.pngLinux.png1357004124 apple.png v0.10.4 alpha
BlockLauncher BlockLauncher is a custom Minecraft PE launcher that wraps around Minecraft PE and provides texture pack and patch loading support. Launcher Zhuowei Zhang Java Unknown Texture Pack support, Mod PE Scripts & Custom Skins Android.png 0.10.5 alpha
Minecraft-PE-Proxy UDP proxy for MCPE Servers, allowing joining Online Servers from your local network. Dumps packets Proxy brandon15811 Node.js Unknown Allows seeing sent/received packets through a web interface 1357003995 windows.pngLinux.png1357004124 apple.png No
PocketBurger Extracts information from the Minecraft: PE binary about the protocol + more. Compatible with Burger, Hamburglar and BurgerVitrine Utility shoghicp PHP No restrictions Generates JSON output, compatible with Burger 1357003995 windows.pngLinux.png1357004124 apple.png v0.8.1 alpha
MiNET MCPE server with basic functionality. Server Niclas Olofsson
C# MPL Stable but alpha functionality 1357003995 windows.pngLinux.png1357004124 apple.png alpha