Block Actions

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These block actions are used in the Block Action packet.

Note Block

It shows the note particle being emitted from the block as well as playing the tone.

Byte 1

Instrument type.

Type ID Type Name
0 Harp
1 Double Bass
2 Snare Drum
3 Clicks/Sticks
4 Bass Drum

Byte 2

The pitch of the note (between 0–24 inclusive where 0 is the lowest and 24 is the highest). More information about how the pitch values correspond to notes in real life are available at Note Block on the Minecraft wiki.


Byte 1

The state the piston changes to: 0 for pushing, 1 for pulling.

Byte 2


Direction ID Direction
0 Down
1 Up
2 South
3 West
4 North
5 East


Animates the chest's lid opening. Note that the notchian server will send this every 3s even if the state hasn't changed.

Byte 1

Not used, always 1.

Byte 2

New state of the chest: 0 for closed, 1 for open.