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Charged Miners is a client for classic, download the launcher here


  • Chat / Interface
    • Show currently-held block "in hand"
    • Show cursor in chat, with ability to move it, and select text.
    • Add an option to log chat to a text file.
    • Save last few messages typed into the console, and allow using up/down arrows to scroll through them (like you would in a terminal).
    • Clickable links in game chat.
  • Graphics improvements
    • Lighting mode faithful to Minecraft Classic (straight-down shadows), to allow viewing pixelart properly.
    • Disable shadows for glass blocks, to prevent ugly moire effect.
    • Water cosmetic improvements: specularity, volumetric fog underwater, etc.
  • Controls
    • Add intermediate speed (mapped to control), between walk and sprint
    • Make it easier to remap controls.
    • Add keyboard shortcut to cycle through viewing distances (F key by default).
    • Ability to toggle the Reach Hack (extend the distance at which blocks can be clicked) or at least to change reach distance in config.
    • XBox 360 gamepad support (triggers are on the same axis thanks to MS's driver)
  • Physics / Movement
    • Lower sprint speed (shift) a little.
    • Extend movement speed config separate entries for normal horizontal and vertical speeds, and for sped-up horizontal and vertical speeds.
    • Gravity Value Tweaking - Compared to WoM and the native client, it seems that the affect of gravity is quite high in Charged. Perhaps a gravity can be imported from a settings.ini value for further tweaking.
  • Ability to bookmark/favourite/sticky servers in the serverlist, keeping them at the top.
  • Add "Rejoin" link when disconnected from server, that tries connecting with same credentials.
  • Portable Mode (option to have files read/written to local path only, without looking in AppData)
    • Many users store their Minecraft installs on network shares, thumbdrives, or dropbox instances. If there was some way to indicate to Charged that the settings were stored in the application directory, rather than AppData, this would relieve the need to re-configure the client on every machine the game is launched on.
    • It is quite common for portable applications to check for the presence of a specific file within the application folder to determine the status of "portable" mode. If the file does not exist, it falls back to reading from AppData.
  • Improved server list
    • Displaying player counts, option to filter out empty/full servers, sorting by name/fullness, etc.
  • Download Minecraft Classic's minecraft.jar if it is missing.
  • Implement CPE


  • Button/Menu item to open the %AppData%/Roaming/charge folder. - Done in 1.1
    • Bonus Objective: Button/Menu item that uploads log.txt to a paste site. - Done in 1.1
  • Support for Linux.
    • Launcher does run on most Linux distros, via Mono. Native launcher may be nice, but it's a lot of work, and there are no plans to make it at this time. —F (talk) 21:50, 4 February 2013 (MST)


  • Server should detect disconnection from server quicker.
  • Other players lag when standing still.
  • Alt-tabbing out of the game window sometimes keeps the mouse focus stolen.
  • "gfx" eats 95% of time (realtime, not CPU time) if vsync is enabled.
  • Changing levels on servers running Opticraft does not work, causes client to exit upon level load completion.
    • This is caused by Opticraft sending handshake packet (0x00) mid-load to update the text. Clients should be able to handle handshake packets between MapBegin and MapEnd packets. --F (talk) 09:20, 5 May 2013 (MST)
  • There is no application icon on Windows for CM.
  • Intel graphics cards doesn't get smooth textures.
  • Player models lack hats.


  • Player "jumps" when walking along inside wall of walkway whilst in any two block tall tunnel or arch - this configuration is a good example. Block_Config
  • CM should prefer, or at least fall back to, terrain.png from Minecraft Classic's minecraft.jar
  • Ability to load terrain.png from MC Classic minecraft.jar
  • Double-Jump - A feature from WOM, double jump makes jumping over typical two-block user-created walls easier, without the need to toggle fly mode for such a short ascend.
  • UI Scale - Increasing or decreasing the size of chat should probably be an option, if only in settings.ini.
  • Old OpenGL causes silent failure - I've had several reports of mysterious aborts when launching Miners, and almost all of them are caused by the OpenGL 2.1 requirement. Perhaps there should be some sort of message box error, rather than only dumping to the log?
  • Make walking/running speeds configurable and create an entry in the configuration file allowing to adjust the movement speed.
  • Player should be able to go above the map (beyond the map boundary) even when NoClip is disabled.
  • Optional/toggle-able collision detection with terrain.
  • Non-flying player movement code.
  • Expose more options through in-game menus.
  • The default skin is completely white.
  • Interpolate other players' movement.
  • Ignores terrain.classic.png and doesn't load textures from terrain.png (classic) correctly unless manipulateTextureClassic(pic); is commented out (line 306, miners/startup.d) (Tested on Linux 3.5.4-1 x86_64, nvidia-304.51)
    • Works for me, make sure you put terrain.classic.png somewhere it can find it.
  • Charged Miners doesn't report the same player location to the server as the official client (though the official client may be in error). Not a bug.
  • Half steps make the underside of the block above them transparent.
  • Admincrete is delete-able by non-ops.
  • With viewdistance Furthestest, ghost clones of the players on the same map as you can be seen far down below the world.
  • --resume argument that connects to last connected to server.
  • Bringing up chat should release the mouse.
  • Water surface becomes invisible when underwater.
  • Individual water blocks are clickable (unlike vanilla Minecraft water blocks), which makes underwater building very difficult.
  • Ability to paste text while typing (Ctrl+V or Shift+Ins).
  • Turn on the ability to resize the window by default (at least on Windows).
  • Add ability to part a server after joining, to go back to the server list.
  • Show a list of players when pressing <tab>
  • Repeated breaking/placing on mouseclick hold
  • Better error messages!
  • The toolbox not allowing more than one of the same block
  • Intel graphics cards rendering is broken
  • Irssi style tab complete
  • Water isn't transparent
  • Larger chat window
  • Ability to allocate more memory to the client. There is no benefit to allocate memory that's not needed.