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Minecraft Classic Tools and Mods
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This is a rather incomplete list of Minecraft Classic servers currently in development. For mods and wrappers, see the Classic Wrapper List.

Name Author(s) Language License Threaded Scripting CPE Development Status
D3PP Umby24 C++ N/A Yes Yes (Plugins) Partial Active
MCGalaxy UnknownShadow200 C# GNU LGPL-3.0 Yes Yes (Plugins) Yes (Full Support) Active
MCYeti mesyeti D GPL-3.0 Planned Planned Partial Active
Obsidian oq Go AGPLv3 Yes No Partial Active
ProjectObsidian RadioactiveHydra Python3 MIT Yes Yes (Plugins) Partial (Tracking) Active
800Craft Jonty800, GlennMR, TaoTszy C# MIT/X11 Yes Yes No (Planned) Inactive
CloudBox Patbox Python2 Unknown Yes Yes No (Planned) Inactive
Cobblestone Classic tyteen4a03 Deno (TypeScript) MIT Yes Yes No Inactive
CrossCraft-Classic-Server IridescentRose Zig MPL2 Yes No No Inactive
D3 (archive) Dadido3, Umby24 Purebasic MIT Yes Yes Partial Inactive
dazed-sheep mhsjlw Node.js MIT Yes Yes No Inactive
Exc (archive) visualside C# Unknown Yes Yes No Inactive
fCraft (archive) fragmer, Destroyer, Redshift C# MIT/X11 Yes No Partial Inactive
FemtoCraft (archive) Matvei Stefarov C# BSD License Yes No Partial Inactive
FourCraft (archive) dalak C# BSD License Yes No Partial Inactive
GGS hypereddie Java GNU Yes Yes No (Planned) Inactive
GemsCraft apotter96 C# GNU Yes Yes Partial Inactive
Hypercube Umby24 C# Custom Yes Yes Partial Inactive
LegendCraft J-Wass C# Custom License Yes Yes (plugins) Partial Inactive
MCDerp Herocane, 3pic_Killz, cat_said_meow, TheMonkey1415 C# Closed Source Yes Yes No Inactive
MCDzienny (archive) Dzienny C# ECL-2.0 Yes Yes No Inactive
MCForge Dmitchell94, 501st_commander, Edh649, GamezGalaxy, EricKilla, Soccer101nic, Headdetect, Merlin33069, Jasonbay13, Cazzar, Snowl, Techjar, Nerketur, Wouto1997, BeMacized, Shade2010 (Forgeware Inc.) C# GPL v3/ECL v2 Yes Yes No Inactive
MCFront (archive) tommyz_, dragonwing112 C# Closed Source Yes Yes No Inactive
MCHawk Vexyl C++ MIT No Yes No Inactive
MCLawl Zallist, Lawlcat, Valek C# ECL-2.0 Yes Yes No Inactive
MCObsidian (archive) RasmusOlle C# Closed source Yes Yes No Inactive
MCSong 727021 C# ECL-2.0 Yes Yes Partial Inactive
mmcs (archive) maxoufox Java GNU GPL-3.0 Yes Yes (Plugins) No Inactive
Myne Gdude2002, Ikjames, Goober, Varriount, AndrewPH, Antoligy, NotMeh, ntfwc, PixelEater Python2 Public Domain Yes Yes Partial Inactive
OpenClassic (archive) Steveice10 Java MIT Yes Yes No Inactive
OpenCraft Graham Edgecombe, Brett, Søren, Mark, Trever Fischer, Adam Liszka Java New BSD License Yes Yes No Inactive
PowerBlock dreadiscool, Shadowwolf97, coehlo Java Public Domain Yes Yes No Inactive
ProCraft 123DMWM C# Custom License Yes Yes (Plugins) Yes (Full Support) Inactive
Redstone Classic AnythingTechPro Python2 BSD-3-Clause Yes No No Inactive
Supernova forkiesassds (icanttellyou) C# Mixed Yes Yes No Inactive
TeleClassic Michael Wang C# None Yes yes (SuperForth) No Inactive
x86-Minecraft Corey x86 assembly MIT Yes No No Inactive