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Minecraft Classic Tools and Mods
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These are wrappers for both the client and server vanilla interfaces.

See the client list page for custom clients and the server list page for custom servers.

Client Wrappers

These are wrappers for the vanilla Minecraft Classic client.

Name Author(s) Language License Development Status Features
MinecraftMania Wiki Page oyasunadev Java CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 Inactive (since 2012) Minecraft Classic in a window. Use cheats such as fly, speed, noclip, and xray. Take screenshots, save levels, and play in fullscreen. Cheats API for developers.
OpenClassic Steveice10 Java MIT Inactive (since 2014) Modification of Minecraft Classic to include more features and a plugin API.

Server Wrappers

These are wrappers for the vanilla Minecraft Classic server.

Name Author(s) Language License Scripting Development Status
There are no server wrappers at this time