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Minecraft Modern Tools and Mods
Clients | Servers | Decompilers | Libraries | Utilities | Wrappers

This is a rather incomplete list of Minecraft clients that users have worked or are working on. This page only lists clients written from scratch; for mods and wrappers, see the Utility List.

The column Game Graphics asks if your client displays in-game activity at a graphical level, such as world chunks, people or mobs moving, or any of that sort. If you are simply displaying things as text, that does not count. You can also optionally tell us the library you're using for your game graphics while providing your answer.

Name Features Author(s) Language License Threaded Game Graphics Last Version Supported
steven Compiles Thinkofdeath Go Apache V2 Yes Yes 1.8.6
mineflayer Create Minecraft bots with a powerful, stable, and high level JavaScript API. andrewrk node.js MIT No No 1.8.3
TorchBot Work in progress standalone bot written from scratch in java, currently supports key features of game(movement, chat, world handling) and plugin system! woder22 Java GPLv3 Yes No 1.8.3
Hematite Doesn't compile Piston developers Rust MIT Unknown Yes 1.8.1
Reticle Advanced minecraft bot system - Multi-server, API, Plugin system etc Encorn Java Closed source, binaries MIT Yes Yes, using Bundle plugin 1.8
SpockBot SMP Bot framework, based on BarneyGale's protocol implementation nickelpro, gamingrobot Python MIT No Planned with plugin 1.8
minekraft Minecraft remade in Kotlin. It will soon have all the features of Minecraft and more. Phase Kotlin MIT Maybe OpenGL Planned 1.8
PhaseBot A bot that can move, interact with blocks, and loads of other things. Phase Java No License Maybe Controlled through chat 1.8
DarkBot Bot framework with an easy-to-use API, full world representation, path finding, AI via tasks (mining, farming, combat), and modular protocol handling DarkStorm Java BSD Yes No 1.7.9
C# Minebot Work in progress standalone bot Umby24 C# MIT Yes No 1.6.4
BraLa Minecraft (S)MP-Client, slogan: "Minecraft on a lower (WTF?) level" Dav1d D GPLv3 Yes Yes 1.6.2
redstone-bot2 Wheat farming, supersonic flying speed, general awareness of world, but no documentation. DavidEGrayson Ruby TBD Yes No 1.6.2
Spout (with Vanilla plugin) Open source, multi-threaded voxel game framework and platform that opens the doors for infinite possibilities. Features infinite height worlds, infinite content, advanced modeling support, and more! Spout LLC and community Java Spout License v1 Yes Yes, using LWJGL 1.5.2
TwistedBot bot and proxy, up to date information in readme on github lukleh Python, Twisted BSD No No 1.5.2
mcbot Minecraft NPC emulator Shagrat Pascal Delphi XE2 Unknown Yes Debug 2.5 D 1.5.2
pyCraft Work in progress client, displays chat at the moment Ammar Askar, resba Python Apache License v2 Yes No 1.5.2
Minecraft PHP Client 2 Complete rewrite of "Minecraft PHP Client". Has events and actions, and it's modular. Supports online mode and Spoutcraft shoghicp PHP WTFPL No Convert Map to PNG 1.5.1
Charged Miners Minecraft Viewer, can connect to classic servers. Wallbraker et al. D, Lua GPLv2 No Yes 1.3.2
Revolutional RedStone Partial Redstone support RevolutionalRedstone C++, Lua Unknown Yes Yes 1.3.2
Minecraft PHP Client "- Superseded by Minecraft PHP Client 2 -" It can move and do other things. Spanish Website shoghicp PHP LGPL Yes, but only linux No 1.2.5
Sharpcraft (Fork) Work in progress SMP (might add SSP) client. Vijfhoek and F16Gaming C# GPLv3 Yes Yes, using XNA 1.2.5
mc--c Draw the map. Can't talk or move. axus C++ LGPL No Yes 1.1
esbot dependency gathering and other awesomeness espes Python, Twisted GPLv3 No No Beta 1.8.1
TrueCraft Beta 1.7.3 client for Linux/Mac/Windows SirCmpwn and others C# MIT Yes Yes Beta 1.7.3
mcclient Work in progress SMP client ThibG Python with C extension GPLv3 No Yes Beta 1.7.2
minecraft-opengl Draw the map, move around, break stuff, gather stuff, etc.; doesn't appear to have networking Rohan Bansal, Dmitry Drutskoy, Ajay Roopakalu, Sarah Tang C++ with OpenGL Template:All rights reserved No Yes Beta 1.6.6
golem ruby 1.9/eventmachine client, acts as a standalone bot or transparent proxy aniero Ruby MIT No No Beta 1.4