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This is a rather incomplete list of Minecraft clients that users have worked or are working on. This page only lists clients written from scratch; for mods and wrappers, see the Utility List and the Wrapper List.

The column Game Graphics asks if your client displays in-game activity at a graphical level, such as world chunks, people or mobs moving, or any of that sort. If you are simply displaying things as text, that does not count.

To add a client, append it above all others. On the bottom are projects, that are inactive (sorted by date). All active clients are sorted by version. If a client does not support the latest version, put it below the others.

Name Features Author(s) Language Platform License
Game graphics Java version Bedrock version Development status Project start date
Azalea Bot crate: accurate physics, swarms, pathfinding, inventories, plugin support. mat Rust 1357003995 windows.pngLinux.png1357004124 apple.png MIT Yes No 1.21 Active 2021-12-06
Botcraft Library to make bots. Mouse/keyboard control, pathfinding, trading, crafting, behaviour tree, signed chat. adepierre C++17 1357003995 windows.pngLinux.png1357004124 apple.png GPLv3 Yes OpenGL 1.12.2–1.20.6 Active 2019-07-23
SoulFire Server-stresser tool. Launch bot attacks on your server to measure performance. AlexProgrammerDE Java 1357003995 windows.pngLinux.png1357004124 apple.png GPLv3 Yes No 1.0.0–1.20.6, b1.0–b1.8.1, a1.0.15–a1.2.6, c0.0.15a-1–c0.30 1.20.70 Active 2021-07-18
MineSharp Library to make bots. Player stats, events, entity tracking, mine, build, craft, window interaction, attack, move, chat. psu-de C# 1357003995 windows.pngLinux.png MIT Yes No 1.18.x–1.20.4 Active 2022-04-05
Minecraft Console Client Command-line chat client with bot support. ORelio and the MCC Team C# 1357003995 windows.pngLinux.png CDDL-1.0 Yes No 1.4.6–1.20.4 Active 2013-07-18
mineflayer Create Minecraft bots with a powerful, stable, and high-level API. PrismarineJS Node.js 1357003995 windows.pngLinux.png1357004124 apple.png MIT No No 1.8–1.20.4 Active 2011-01-23
mcraft web Minecraft web client. Connects to servers & loads offline world saves. Fork of prismarine-web-client. PrismarineJS contributors JavaScript 1357003995 windows.pngLinux.png1357004124 apple.png MIT Yes Three.js 1.8.8–1.20.4 Active 2023-07-09
Minosoft A faster work in progress open source client, that supports a ton of versions and is open for all kind of patches. Feel free to take a look at the Bixilon, contributors Kotlin, Java 1357003995 windows.png GPLv3 Yes OpenGL 13w41b–1.20.2 (including snapshots) Active 2020-06-02
go-mc Collection of libraries for Minecraft clients. Tnze Go MIT Yes No 1.15–1.20.2 Active 2019-05-01
Leafish Multiprotocol, fork of Stevenrella. terrarier2111, other contributors Rust 1357003995 windows.pngLinux.png1357004124 apple.png Apache 2.0, MIT Yes OpenGL 1.7.10–1.16.5 Active 2021-07-30
delta-client A Minecraft client for MacOS. stackotter Swift, C 1357004124 apple.png GPLv3 Yes Metal 1.16.1 Active 2020-12-21
Another Minecraft Chat Client Chat client. Basic movement, inventory handling, automatic chat messages. Defective4 Java 1357003995 windows.png Apache 2.0 Yes Swing (entity radar) 1.8–1.19.2, Forge 1.8–1.12.2 Inactive since 2024-04-11 2021-03-26
Alex Minecraft client aimed at compatibility with MC:Java & MC:Bedrock. ConcreteMC C# 1357003995 windows.pngLinux.png1357004124 apple.png MPL 2.0 Yes OpenGL 1.18.2 1.19.10 Inactive since 2024-03-05 2016-04-04
prismarine-web-client Minecraft client in the browser using PrismarineJS modules. Karang rom1504 AwesomestCode and other contributors JavaScript, Node.js MIT Yes Three.js 1.8–1.18.1 On hiatus since 2023-12-31 2021-02-27
webmc Minecraft client in web browser using mineflayer. michaljaz JavaScript, Node.js MIT Yes Three.js 1.16.5 On hiatus since 2023-09-16 2020-06-07
AltCraft Work-in-progress client. LaG1924 C++ 1357003995 windows.pngLinux.png1357004124 apple.png Apache 2.0 Yes OpenGL 1.12.2 On hiatus since 2023-07-08 2017-10-16
Hematite Render single-player worlds (most blocks supported, no entities). Piston developers Rust 1357003995 windows.pngLinux.png1357004124 apple.png MIT No OpenGL 1.8.8 Inactive since 2023-01-18 2014-06-28
Stevenarella Multiprotocol. Thinkofname, iceiix Rust 1357003995 windows.pngLinux.png1357004124 apple.png Apache 2.0 Yes OpenGL 1.18.2, 1.18.1, 1.17.1, 1.16.5, 1.16.4, 1.16.3, 1.16.2, 1.16.1, 1.16, 1.15.2, 1.15.1, 1.14.2, 1.14.1, 1.14, 19w02a, 18w50a, 1.13.2, 1.12.2, 1.11.2, 1.11, 1.10.2, 1.9.2, 1.9, 15w39c, 1.8.9, 1.7.10+Forge (FML, FML2) Inactive since 2022-12-31 2019-01-12
mcidle Idling middleware for constant Minecraft connections. cub Python 1357003995 windows.png MIT Yes No 1.12.2 Inactive since 2022-12-07 2018-11-16
rust-mc Minecraft client, very work-in-progress, no rendering. willemml Rust GPLv3 Yes No 1.16.3, 1.15.2 Inactive since 2022-07-13 2020-10-29
pyCraft Work-in-progress client, displays chat at the moment. Ammar Askar, resba Python 1357003995 windows.pngLinux.png1357004124 apple.png Apache 2.0 Yes No 1.16.4 Inactive since 2022-01-02 2012-04-05
redstone-bot2 Wheat farming, supersonic flying speed, general awareness of world, but no documentation. DavidEGrayson Ruby No Yes No 1.6.2 Inactive since 2021-11-11 2012-07-14
RikerBot Bot client framework. nickelpro C++, Python zlib No No 1.16.5 Inactive since 2021-07-05 2020-08-07
mineweb A work-in-progress HTML5 Minecraft client that runs in your browser. Development stopped in favour of prismarine-web-client. Heath123, TheAlan404, SiebeDW Node.js GPLv3 No noa 1.12.2 Inactive since 2021-04-13 2020-04-26
hl-mc-kt API for creating bots/clients, also has a built in CLI for launching instances of the built-in chat bot, also works as a chat CLI supporting multiple servers at once using one or more accounts. willemml Kotlin GPLv3 Yes No 1.16.3 Inactive since 2020-12-11 2020-09-22
Litecraft Work-in-progress, concurrent and multi-Render backend. Litecraft Team Rust 1357003995 windows.png Apache 2.0 Yes OpenGL 1.12.2 Inactive since 2019-01-18 2016-12-12
TrueCraft Beta 1.7.3 client for Linux and Windows (and OS X, somewhat). SirCmpwn and others C# 1357003995 windows.pngLinux.png1357004124 apple.png MIT Yes XNA b1.7.3 Inactive since 2018-11-19 2014-12-26
CraftProtocol Open source partial implementation of Minecraft network protocol and NBT. Toranktto Python 2.7 MIT No No 1.8.x, 1.10.x, 1.12.2 Inactive since 2018-09-09 2018-08-12
TorchBot Work-in-progress standalone bot written from scratch, currently supports key features of game (movement, chat, world handling) and plugin system! woder22 Java GPLv3 Yes No 1.12 Inactive since 2018-04-24 2013-08-24
MinecraftCLI Command-line client with chat commands. Xandaros Haskell BSD-2-Clause Yes No 1.12.2 Inactive since 2018-04-01 2017-08-14
Charged Miners Minecraft viewer, can connect to classic servers. Wallbraker et al. D, C, C++, Lua Linux.png1357004124 apple.png GPLv2 No OpenGL 1.3.2 Inactive since 2017-08-20 2011-05-01
steven Compiles. Thinkofname Rust Apache 2.0 Yes OpenGL 1.10.2 Inactive since 2017-05-14 2015-09-12
minecraft-opengl Draw the map, move around, break stuff, gather stuff, etc. Doesn't appear to have networking. Rohan Bansal, Dmitry Drutskoy, Ajay Roopakalu, Sarah Tang C++ 1357003995 windows.pngLinux.png1357004124 apple.png GPLv2 No OpenGL b1.6.6 Inactive since 2017-02-04 2011-06-10
Osmium Rendering client. JavaProphet C 1357003995 windows.pngLinux.png GPLv3 Yes OpenGL 1.9.4 Inactive since 2016-08-16 2016-03-08
SpockBot SMP bot framework, based on BarneyGale's protocol implementation. The SpockBot Project Python MIT No No 1.8.7 Inactive since 2016-05-01 2012-12-11
PhaseBot A bot that can move, interact with blocks, and loads of other things. Phase Java No No No 1.8 Inactive since 2016-02-28 2015-05-25
steven-go Compiles. Thinkofname Go Apache 2.0 Yes OpenGL 15w32c Inactive since 2015-11-11 2015-03-25
minekraft Minecraft remade. It will soon have all the features of Minecraft and more. Phase Kotlin MIT No No 1.8 Inactive since 2015-06-13 2015-04-01
Reticle Advanced Minecraft bot system - Multi-server, API, plugin system, etc. Encorn Java Closed source, binaries MIT Yes Yes, using Bundle plugin 1.7–1.8 Inactive since 2014-10-13 2014-09-26
DarkBot Bot framework with an easy-to-use API, full world representation, path finding, AI via tasks (mining, farming, combat), and modular protocol handling. DarkStorm Java BSD Yes No 1.7.9 Inactive since 2014-07-02 2013-04-27
BraLa Minecraft (S)MP-Client, slogan: "Minecraft on a lower (WTF?) level". Dav1d D, C 1357003995 windows.pngLinux.png1357004124 apple.png GPLv3 Yes OpenGL 1.6.2 Inactive since 2014-03-03 2012-06-22
Spout (with Vanilla plugin) Open source, multi-threaded voxel game framework and platform that opens the doors for infinite possibilities. Features infinite height worlds, infinite content, advanced modeling support, and more! Spout LLC and community Java Spout License v1, LGPLv3 Yes LWJGL 1.5.2 Inactive since 2013-12-25 2011-05-01
C# Minebot Work-in-progress standalone bot. Umby24 C# MIT Yes No 1.6.4 Inactive since 2013-10-14 2013-01-02
mcbot Minecraft NPC emulator. Shagrat Pascal Delphi XE2 MPL 1.1 Yes OpenGL 1.5.2 Inactive since 2013-09-23 2013-04-19
TwistedBot Bot and proxy. Up-to-date information in the README. Uses Twisted lukleh Python 2.7 Linux.png BSD No No 1.5.2 Inactive since 2013-05-07 2012-07-30
Minecraft PHP Client 2 Complete rewrite of "Minecraft PHP Client". Has events, actions and it is modular. Supports online mode and Spoutcraft. shoghicp PHP 1357003995 windows.pngLinux.png WTFPL No No 1.5.1 Inactive since 2013-03-22 2012-07-03
mc--c Draws the map. Can't talk or move. axus C++ 1357003995 windows.pngLinux.png LGPL No OpenGL 1.1 Inactive since 2012-10-15 2010-11-20
mcclient Work-in-progress SMP client. Lagging-behind, but fairly light-weighted Minecraft client. ThibG Python with C extension GPLv3 No OpenGL b1.7.2 Inactive since 2012-09-24 2011-05-05
New C++ driven Minecraft client Partial redstone support. RevolutionalRedstone C++, Lua 1357003995 windows.png No Yes OpenGL 1.3.2 Inactive since 2012-07-27 2012-01-05
Minecraft PHP Client "- Superseded by Minecraft PHP Client 2 -" It can move and do other things. Spanish Website. shoghicp PHP LGPL Yes No 1.2.5 Inactive since 2012-07-16 2011-12-12
Sharpcraft Work-in-progress SMP (might add SSP) client. Vijfhoek and F16Gaming C# GPLv3 Yes XNA 1.2.5 Inactive since 2012-04-08 2012-01-03
esbot Dependency gathering and other awesomeness. Uses Twisted. espes Python GPLv3 No No b1.8.1 Inactive since 2011-09-28 2011-02-11
golem Eventmachine client, acts as a standalone bot or transparent proxy. zerowidth Ruby 1.9 MIT No No b1.4 Inactive since 2011-04-06 2010-11-04