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Status Description
35 Plays the Totem of Undying animation


Status Description
3 Displays 8 snowballpoof particles at the snowball's location


Status Description
3 Displays 8 iconcrack particles with the egg as a parameter at the egg's location


Status Description
31 If the caught entity is the connected player, then cause them to be pulled toward the caster of the fishing rod.


Status Description
0 Spawns tipped arrow particle effects, if the color is not -1.


Status Description
17 Triggers the firework explosion effect (based off of the firework info metadata)


Status Description
2 Plays the hurt animation and hurt sound
3 Plays the death sound and death animation
29 Plays the shield block sound
30 Plays the shield break sound
33 Plays the thorns sound in addition to playing the hurt animation and hurt sound


Status Description
9 Marks item use as finished (finished eating, finished drinking, etc)

This status is not required if you want more control on the server side, this basicly finishes the interaction on the client side to decrease the food quantity, arrow quantity, ...

But you can trigger these changes manually through other packets or prevent those changes on the client.


- Create a 'Infinity Bow' without the first arrow in your inventory constantly changing in quantity.

- Create a custom found that is infinite, and prevent the stack quantity from descreasing.


Note: This works together with the 'Hand data' so this will have to be updated accordingly to 'finish' the interaction manually.

22 Enables reduced debug screen information
23 Disables reduced debug screen information
24 Set op permission level to 0
25 Set op permission level to 1
26 Set op permission level to 2
27 Set op permission level to 3
28 Set op permission level to 4


Status Description
32 Plays the hit sound, and resets a hit cooldown.


Status Description
20 Spawn explosion particle. Used when:
  • A silverfish enters a block
  • A silverfish exits a block
  • A mob spawner (or minecart mob spawner) spawns an entity (only with entities that support this status)


Status Description
19 Resets the squid's rotation to 0 radians. Occurs whenever the server calculates that the squid has rotated more than 2 pi radians.


Status Description
18 Spawn "love mode" heart particles


Status Description
6 Spawn smoke particles (taming failed)
7 Spawn heart particles (taming succeeded)


Status Description
1 Causes the rabbit to use its rotated jumping animation, and displays jumping particles.


Status Description
10 Causes the sheep to play the eating grass animation for the next 40 ticks


Status Description
6 Spawn smoke particles (taming failed)
7 Spawn heart particles (taming succeeded)


Status Description
8 Play wolf shaking water animation


Status Description
12 Spawn villager mating heart particles
13 Spawn villager angry particles
14 Spawn villager happy particles


Status Description
4 Plays attack animation and attack sound
11 Causes golem to hold out a rose poppy for 400 ticks (20 seconds)
34 Puts away golem's poppy


Status Description
4 Starts the attack animation, and plays the entity.evocation_fangs.attack sound.

Zombie Villager

Status Description
16 Plays the zombie cure finished sound effect (unless the entity is silent)


Status Description
10 Causes the TNT to ignite. Does not play a sound; the sound must be played separately.


Status Description
1 Resets the delay of the spawner to 200 ticks (the default minimum value).