Java Edition Cheats

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NOTE: Most of this page is yet to be written

"Cheat Clients" or "Utility Mods" for Minecraft Java are unlike those for Bedrock, they are .jar files ready to be added in the Minecraft Launcher, whereas for Minecraft Bedrock, these are usually DLLs which are injected into the game using a DLL injector. There are many Cheats for Minecraft Java, but not many safe ones

The Most Popular Cheats


Impact is the most popular free utility mod. It is developed by LeafHacker, Brady and leijurv. It has baritone built into it which is a pathfinding tool, it also is updated regularly and has more advanced features than other free clients and the fact that it has no viruses makes it one of the most popular clients. You can get banned on servers for using this and the warning they give on their site is "Impact is not a hack client, a cheat client, or a hacked client, it is a utility mod (like OptiFine). Please bear in mind that utility mods like Impact can be against the rules on some servers."


Future is the most popular paid cheat [adding more info soon]

Legit Clients

Legit Clients are the opposite to Cheat Clients. These only add features that dont give you an unfair advantage, and can even prove that you aren't cheating (in some cases).

Badlion Client

Badlion client is the most popular legit client. It is "an all in one Minecraft Launcher with built in client anticheat, FPS improvements, mods and more"

List of MCJE Cheats

WARNING: Using these can get you banned from servers. If you do use them ONLY do in single-player worlds for testing purposes.

Name Description Type Author(s) Language License Platform Last Version Supported
Impact The most popular free MCJE client. Cheat ImpactDevTeam Java unsure 1357003995 windows.png 1.16+
Future The most popular paid client Cheat FutureDevTeam Java Unsure 1357003995 windows.png 1.16+

[This page is still being written -IAJ]