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! [https://github.com/timmyrs/Phpcraft Phpcraft]
! [https://github.com/timmyrs/Phpcraft Phpcraft]
| A PHP library for all things Minecraft.
| A PHP library for all things Minecraft: Java Edition.
| [https://github.com/timmyrs timmyRS]
| [https://github.com/timmyrs timmyRS]
| {{PHP}}
| {{PHP}}
| {{MIT}}
| {{MIT}}
| {{yes|1.14.4}}
| {{yes|1.8-1.15.2}}
! [https://github.com/ammaraskar/pyCraft pyCraft]
! [https://github.com/ammaraskar/pyCraft pyCraft]

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Minecraft Modern Tools and Mods
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This is a rather incomplete list of Minecraft related libraries finished or currently in development.

Name Description Author(s) Language License Last Version Supported
GemBlocks C# library that easily saves/loads/generates worlds. Currently only has flatgrass. More to come. Based on MorbZ's J2Blocks (translated from java to C#). apotter96 C# MIT All
CmlLib C# Game launcher library. Launch all version including forge, Download game, Yggdrasil Authentication AlphaBs C# BY-NC 4.0 All
go-mc Go library of network protocol, NBT, Yggdrasil, mca file and RCON and so on. Tnze Go MIT 1.15.1
CraftProtocol Open source partial implementation of Minecraft network protocol and NBT in Python 2.7. Toranktto Python MIT 1.8.x, 1.10.x, 1.12.2
go-yggdrasil Allows usage of Mojang's Yggdrasil authentication system in Go JoshuaDoes Go MIT n/a
McProtocol Packets, NBT, Login, Proxy hansihe Elixir MIT 1.9.2
yggdrasil-py Open-source Python 3.6+ wrapper for the Mojang Yggdrasil authentication service. Sam Carson (samcarsonx) Python MIT n/a
MojangSharp .NET wrapper for Mojang API Enzo Innocenzi (Hawezo) C# Apache License v2 All
Craft.Net .NET Minecraft client, server, and data manipulation library Drew DeVault (SirCmpwn) C# MIT 1.7.5
fastmc Python packet parser/writer & utility library Florian Wesch (dividuum) Python MIT 1.7/1.8
node-minecraft-protocol npm install minecraft-protocol andrewrk node.js BSD 1.7-1.12
mclib C++ library for creating clients plushmonkey C++ MIT 1.10-1.12.1
Phpcraft A PHP library for all things Minecraft: Java Edition. timmyRS PHP MIT 1.8-1.15.2
pyCraft Python minecraft client library Ammar Askar (ammaraskar), Jeppe Klitgaard (Dkkline) Python Apache License v2 1.15.1
MCProtocolLib Java implementation of the Minecraft protocol. Steveice10 Java MIT 1.14.3
Ozelot Rust implementation of MCMODERN networking C4K3 Rust Public domain 1.13.2
SharpMinecraftLibrary ags131, electronicboy C# Unknown 1.6.2 (Partial)
Pdelvos Protocol Implementation .NET client/server protocol library with support for several versions. pdelvo C# MIT 1.5.2
Minecraft PHP Client 2 PHP client and protocol library. With events, actions and API shoghicp PHP WTFPL 1.5.1
libmcnet Event based, zero-copy, portable Minecraft network protocol parser deoxxa C BSD 1.4
node-mcnet Node.JS bindings to libmcnet deoxxa JavaScript, node.js BSD 1.3.2
MCPackets Java Minecraft protocol library main() Java Unknown 1.2.5
libmc--c World representation data structures and OpenGL drawing functions. axus C++, OpenGL GPLv3 1.1
mcproxy Minecraft Proxy (and bot) framework in C++ mave C++ GPLv3 1.1
fNbt Reading, writing, and manipulating NBT files and streams, for .NET Matvei Stefarov (fragmer) C# BSD n/a
Yggdrasil.php Interfacing with Mojang's Yggdrasil authentication system. Jim C K Flaten (Jckf) PHP Unknown n/a
libMC.Net .NET Minecraft interaction library umby24 C# MIT 1.7.4
MineLib.Network .NET Minecraft network client interaction library. Aragas (Aragasas) C# MIT 1.8
NBT-Lib Allows reading, writing and modification of NBT files and streams. Evil-Co Java Apache License v2 n/a
DarkBot Minecraft client, automation (AI) platform, and modular protocol library DarkStorm Java BSD 1.5.2-1.7.9
NBTField Another NBT library in C++ Socolin C++ MIT n/a
mclaunch-util-lib Yggdrasil library in Java, has handy features for launchers. Kronos Java MIT n/a
OpenLauncherLib Minecraft launching library written from scratch Adrien "Litarvan" Navratil Java LGPL 1.0.0-1.9.2
S-Update Powerful and simple Java update system, with Minecraft support. Works with a PHP Server Adrien "Litarvan" Navratil Java LGPL 1.0.0-1.9.2
OpenAuth Yggdrasil library, with possibility to give an other authentication server, it also has its own auth server. Adrien "Litarvan" Navratil, Valentin "Vavaballz" Java LGPL 1.0.0-1.9.2
text An open-source MIT-licensed library for working with text from Minecraft. Jamie Mansfield Java MIT 1.11.2
JMCCC A powerful open-source library for launching and downloading Minecraft. to2mbn Java MIT All
Quarry Quarry is a Python library that implements the Minecraft protocol. barneygale Python MIT 1.14.2
minecraft-launcher-lib A library for installing and lauching Minecraft. It also have functions for Yggdrasil. JakobDev Python BSD All