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| {{C sharp}}
| {{C sharp}}
| {{MIT}}
| {{MIT}}
| {{yes|1.5}}
| {{supportspre|13w16a}}
! [https://github.com/superjoe30/node-minecraft-protocol node-minecraft-protocol]
! [https://github.com/superjoe30/node-minecraft-protocol node-minecraft-protocol]

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This is a rather incomplete list of Minecraft related libraries currently in development.

Name Description Author(s) Language License Last Version Supported
Craft.Net .NET Minecraft client, server, and data manipulation library Drew DeVault (SirCmpwn) C# MIT 13w16aprerelease
node-minecraft-protocol npm install minecraft-protocol superjoe node.js BSD 1.5
McClientLib Python MineCraft client protocol. Jeppe Klitgaard (Dkkline) Python MIT 1.5
Pdelvos Protocol Implementation .NET client/server protocol library with support for several versions. pdelvo C# MIT Template:Supports
Minecraft PHP Client 2 PHP client and protocol library. With events, actions and API shoghicp PHP WTFPL Template:Supports
SharpMinecraftLibrary ags131, electronicboy C# Unknown Template:Supports
mc-protocol-lib Java implementation of the Minecraft protocol. Steveice10 Java MIT Template:Supports
libmcnet Event based, zero-copy, portable Minecraft network protocol parser deoxxa C BSD Template:Supports
node-mcnet Node.JS bindings to libmcnet deoxxa JavaScript, node.js BSD Template:Supports
MCPackets Java Minecraft protocol library main() Java Unknown Template:Supports
libmc--c World representation data structures and OpenGL drawing functions. axus C++, OpenGL GPLv3 Template:Supports
mcproxy Minecraft Proxy (and bot) framework in C++ mave C++ GPLv3 Template:Supports
fNbt Minecraft Proxy (and bot) framework in C++ fragmer (Scootabyte) C BSD n/a