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Template:ToolsNavbox This is a rather incomplete list of Minecraft related libraries finished or currently in development.

Name Description Author(s) Language License Last Version Supported
GemBlocks C# library that easily saves/loads/generates worlds. Currently only has flatgrass. More to come. Based on MorbZ's J2Blocks (translated from java to C#). apotter96 Template:C sharp MIT Template:Yes
CmlLib C# Game launcher library. Launch all version including forge, Download game, Yggdrasil Authentication AlphaBs Template:C sharp BY-NC 4.0 Template:Yes
go-mc Go library of network protocol, NBT, Yggdrasil, mca file and RCON and so on. Tnze Go Template:MIT Template:Yes
CraftProtocol Open source partial implementation of Minecraft network protocol and NBT in Python 2.7. Toranktto Template:Python Template:MIT Template:Yes
go-yggdrasil Allows usage of Mojang's Yggdrasil authentication system in Go JoshuaDoes Go Template:MIT n/a
McProtocol Packets, NBT, Login, Proxy hansihe Elixir Template:MIT Template:Yes
yggdrasil-py Open-source Python 3.6+ wrapper for the Mojang Yggdrasil authentication service. Sam Carson (samcarsonx) Template:Python Template:MIT n/a
MojangSharp .NET wrapper for Mojang API Enzo Innocenzi (Hawezo) Template:C sharp Template:Apache Template:Yes
Craft.Net .NET Minecraft client, server, and data manipulation library Drew DeVault (SirCmpwn) Template:C sharp Template:MIT Template:Yes
fastmc Python packet parser/writer & utility library Florian Wesch (dividuum) Template:Python Template:MIT Template:Yes
node-minecraft-protocol npm install minecraft-protocol andrewrk node.js Template:BSD Template:Yes
mclib C++ library for creating clients plushmonkey Template:C++ Template:MIT Template:Yes
Phpcraft A PHP library for all things Minecraft: Java Edition. timmyRS Template:PHP Template:MIT Template:Yes
pyCraft Python minecraft client library Ammar Askar (ammaraskar), Jeppe Klitgaard (Dkkline) Template:Python Template:Apache Template:Yes
MCProtocolLib Java implementation of the Minecraft protocol. Steveice10 Template:Java Template:MIT Template:Yes
Ozelot Rust implementation of MCMODERN networking C4K3 Rust Public domain Template:Yes
SharpMinecraftLibrary ags131, electronicboy Template:C sharp Template:Unknown 1.6.2 (Partial)
Pdelvos Protocol Implementation .NET client/server protocol library with support for several versions. pdelvo Template:C sharp Template:MIT 1.5.2
Minecraft PHP Client 2 PHP client and protocol library. With events, actions and API shoghicp Template:PHP WTFPL 1.5.1
libmcnet Event based, zero-copy, portable Minecraft network protocol parser deoxxa Template:C Template:BSD 1.4
node-mcnet Node.JS bindings to libmcnet deoxxa Template:JavaScript, node.js Template:BSD 1.3.2
MCPackets Java Minecraft protocol library main() Template:Java Template:Unknown 1.2.5
libmc--c World representation data structures and OpenGL drawing functions. axus Template:C++, Template:OpenGL Template:GPLv3 1.1
mcproxy Minecraft Proxy (and bot) framework in C++ mave Template:C++ Template:GPLv3 1.1
fNbt Reading, writing, and manipulating NBT files and streams, for .NET Matvei Stefarov (fragmer) Template:C sharp Template:BSD n/a
Yggdrasil.php Interfacing with Mojang's Yggdrasil authentication system. Jim C K Flaten (Jckf) Template:PHP Template:Unknown n/a
libMC.Net .NET Minecraft interaction library umby24 Template:C sharp Template:MIT Template:Yes
MineLib.Network .NET Minecraft network client interaction library. Aragas (Aragasas) Template:C sharp Template:MIT Template:Yes
NBT-Lib Allows reading, writing and modification of NBT files and streams. Evil-Co Template:Java Template:Apache n/a
DarkBot Minecraft client, automation (AI) platform, and modular protocol library DarkStorm Template:Java Template:BSD Template:Yes
NBTField Another NBT library in C++ Socolin Template:C++ Template:MIT n/a
mclaunch-util-lib Yggdrasil library in Java, has handy features for launchers. Kronos Template:Java Template:MIT n/a
OpenLauncherLib Minecraft launching library written from scratch Adrien "Litarvan" Navratil Template:Java Template:LGPL Template:Yes
S-Update Powerful and simple Java update system, with Minecraft support. Works with a PHP Server Adrien "Litarvan" Navratil Template:Java Template:LGPL Template:Yes
OpenAuth Yggdrasil library, with possibility to give an other authentication server, it also has its own auth server. Adrien "Litarvan" Navratil, Valentin "Vavaballz" Template:Java Template:LGPL Template:Yes
text An open-source MIT-licensed library for working with text from Minecraft. Jamie Mansfield Template:Java Template:MIT Template:Yes
JMCCC A powerful open-source library for launching and downloading Minecraft. to2mbn Template:Java Template:MIT Template:Yes
Quarry Quarry is a Python library that implements the Minecraft protocol. barneygale Template:Python Template:MIT Template:Yes
minecraft-launcher-lib A library for installing and lauching Minecraft. It also have functions for Yggdrasil. JakobDev Template:Python Template:BSD Template:Yes