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#mcdevs is a loose group of developers working on projects that are directly or indirectly related to the popular indie hit, Minecraft.

There is no process to join #mcdevs nor any official member list. There are no responsibilities so long as you follow the community rules. Individuals who have been around for an extended period of time and have proven to be mature and helpful are identified by voice (+Vv) in the IRC channel.


#mcdevs gathers in the IRC channel #mcdevs on Please follow the channel rules. We have a core group of about 100 members and rarely need to ban people. Please don't be the exception.

One of the core projects of #mcdevs is, the primary development wiki for Minecraft and the home of the Minecraft
protocol specifications.
Burger is set of tools for disassembling the minecraft binaries and producing a JSON description of items, entities, packets,
and other internels useful to developers. Burger makes these available automatically and supports a `diff` between two different
versions. Burger is open-source.