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Channel Rules

Our channel rules are pretty straightforward and for the most part are just common etiquette. We have a good group of members and very, very rarely need to enforce these rules. Please do not become the exception.

General Rules

  • Be patient. #mcdevs is not your personal 24-hour support channel, and people will respond when they feel like it.
  • Be polite. People are much more likely to help you when you aren't being a brat.
  • No away messages, no "What's playing messages", no spam.
  • Do not ask to ask. Simply join, say hello, and ask your question.
  • If you need to paste more than three lines, use a pastebin like Gist.
  • Off topic chatter is perfectly fine so long as you are not interrupting on-topic conversation.
  • Do not harass Mojang employees. This includes needlessly pinging them.
  • We will not help you circumvent player authentication or otherwise help you pirate the game.


Occasionally, exploits are found in the Minecraft protocol, client, game server, or authentication servers. Discussion of these exploits is allowed in the channel only when they cannot be used to access player data (such as an SQL injection on the user database). It is encouraged to work together to come up with reproducible steps that can be given to Mojang, and to come up with a solution and to discuss them from a technical prospective. If you are ever found to have used them to attack others without their permission you will be immediately banned.


There are no bots allowed in the channel with the exception of the official Notifico bot (Not-####) and the Botched update notification bot (Botched). It doesn't matter if you think your bot is amazing, you still need to ask before bringing it in.


These are not rules, but suggestions that might make your life easier.

  • Use an IRC bouncer such as znc. We are spread out across many timezones, and often take awhile to get back to you. Keeping a bouncer in the channel will keep you in the loop and make sure you don't miss mentions.