Microsoft Authentication Scheme

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Minecraft is moving to Microsoft accounts. Starting December 2020, all new Accounts already use the new system, old accounts will be migrated later, see this blog post

There are multiple steps and different token required, but in the end, you get a normal minecraft token back. Launching the game itself hasn't changed.

Microsoft OAuth Flow

In the first step, we are logging into the microsoft account. This has to be done in a browser/webview! Other redirect urls have not been tested. The client id is hardcoded, it's Minecrafts id.

Example of the login page: (TODO: embed image)

The user will be prompted to enter username (E-Mail, Skype ID, Phone number, whatever) and his password. If those are legal, the user will be redirected. The user doesn't need to own MC, that check comes way later!

The redirect will looks something like this

You have to extract the code param, it's your Microsoft Authorization Code.

Authorization Code -> Authorization Token

The next step is to get a auth token from the auth code. This isn't done in the browser for security reasons.



Map<Object, Object> data = Map.of(
   "client_id", "00000000402b5328", // minecrafts client id again
   "code", authcode, // the code from step 1
   "grant_type", "authorization_code",
   "redirect_uri", "",
   "scope", ""

Don't forget to set Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded

The response will look like this

  "access_token":"token here",
  "refresh_token":"M.R3_BAY.token here",

We care about the access_token here. (TODO: check what we can do with the refresh token)

Authenticate with XBL

Now that we are authenticated with microsoft, we can authenticate to xbox live.

To do that, we send

   "Properties": {
       "AuthMethod": "RPS",
       "SiteName": "",
       "RpsTicket": "access_token" // your access token from step 2 here
   "RelyingParty": "",
   "TokenType": "JWT"

Again, it will complain if you don't set Content-Type: application/json and Accept: application/json

The response will look like this:

  "Token":"token", // save this
           "uhs":"uhs" // save this

We need to save token and uhs. I have no idea what uhs stands for. (TODO: find out)

Authenticate with XSTS

Now that we are authenticated with XBL, we need to get a XSTS token, we can use to login to minecraft.