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This article documents the Data field in the Spawn Object packet. The field is of type Int, and the meaning of its contents depend on the type of object being spawned, as defined in the Type field of the same packet, and is documented below.

Minecarts (id 10)

The int value itself specifies the minecart's functionality:

Value Minecart functionality
0 Empty (ride-able) minecart
1 Chest minecart
2 Furnace (powered) minecart
3 TNT minecart
4 Spawner minecart
5 Hopper minecart
6 Command Block minecart

Item Frame (id 71)

Value Orientation
0 South
1 West
2 North
3 East

Falling Block (id 70)

Field name Field type Example Notes
Block type Int 12 BlockID | (Metadata << 12)

Fishing Float (id 90)

Field name Field type Example Notes
Owner Int The entity ID of the owner

Arrow (id 60) and Spectral Arrow (id 91)

Field name Field type Example Notes
Entity ID Int 64 The entity ID of the shooter + 1 (Subtract 1 to get the actual entity ID)