Plugin channels

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Plugin channels are implemented using packet 0xFA, allowing client mods and server plugins to communicate without cluttering up chat. This post by Dinnerbone is a good introduction and basic documentation.

Channels internal to Minecraft

As of 1.3, Minecraft itself started using plugin channels to implement new features. These internal channel names are prefixed by MC|.


Client to server

When a player edits an unsigned book.

This payload is simply a set of bytes corresponding to an ItemStack. It is serialized / deserialized exactly the same as itemstacks in packets.


Client to server

When a player signs a book.



Remote texture packs.



The list of trades a villager NPC is offering.


Client to server

When a player selects a specific trade offered by a villager NPC.

Notable community plugin channels

Channels listed in this section are not Mojang-sanctioned. This is just a likely-incomplete list of channels used by mods/plugins popular within the Minecraft community.