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List of Minecraft: PE Clients, Servers, Libraries, Wrappers and Tools.

Name Description Type Author(s) Language License Features Platform Last Version Supported
Nukkit Nuclear powered MCPE Server, have a pocketmine-like structure and a java-armed strength. Developed for multiplayer survival games. Server Nukkit Team Template:Java Template:LGPL Fast and functionful 1357003995 windows.pngLinux.png1357004124 apple.pngAndroid.png Template:Yes
PocketMine-MP Server with Plugin API, Multiworlds and more Server PocketMine Team Template:PHP Template:LGPL Alpha_1.6dev 1357003995 windows.pngLinux.png1357004124 apple.pngAndroid.png Template:Yes
BlockLauncher BlockLauncher is a custom Minecraft PE launcher that wraps around Minecraft PE and provides texture pack and patch loading support. Launcher Zhuowei Zhang Template:Java Unknown Texture Pack support, Mod PE Scripts & Custom Skins Android.png Template:Yes
Minecraft-PE-Proxy UDP proxy for MCPE Servers, allowing joining Online Servers from your local network. Dumps packets Proxy brandon15811 Node.js Unknown Allows seeing sent/received packets through a web interface 1357003995 windows.pngLinux.png1357004124 apple.png No
PocketBurger Extracts information from the Minecraft: PE binary about the protocol + more. Compatible with Burger, Hamburglar and BurgerVitrine Utility shoghicp Template:PHP No restrictions Generates JSON output, compatible with Burger 1357003995 windows.pngLinux.png1357004124 apple.png v0.8.1 alpha
MiNET MCPE server with basic functionality. Server Niclas Olofsson
C# MPL Stable but alpha functionality 1357003995 windows.pngLinux.png1357004124 apple.png Template:Yes
numerous-alpaca A Minecraft: PE Server in JavaScript Server numerous-alpaca team Node.js Template:MIT Complete with Async and JavaScript plugins 1357003995 windows.pngLinux.png1357004124 apple.png v0.14.3
Voxelwind A sane high-performance Minecraft: Pocket Edition server (in development) Server minecrafter / @ModifyFunction Template:Java Template:MIT Incomplete. Flatworld and basic entity support. 1357003995 windows.pngLinux.png1357004124 apple.png Template:Yes
ClearSky PocketMine-MP based server software designed for performance Server ClearSky Team Template:PHP Template:GPLv3 1357003995 windows.pngLinux.png1357004124 apple.pngAndroid.png Template:Yes
Nemisys Proxy to create multiserver network. Proxy iTX Technologies Template:Java Template:GPLv3 Fast and stable, can teleport between the servers 1357003995 windows.pngLinux.png1357004124 apple.pngAndroid.png Template:Yes
Genisys PocketMine-based server with extended features Server iTX Technologies Template:PHP Template:GPLv3 Commands, nether, mobs AI, redstone 1357003995 windows.pngLinux.png1357004124 apple.pngAndroid.png Template:Yes
MCPE List of Bedrock minecraft servers List GuilleGuich Template:PHP Template:GPLv3 Adventure, Survival, Jail 1357003995 windows.pngAndroid.png Template:Yes
DragonProxy Play with Bedrock client on Java servers Proxy Dragonet Foundation Template:Java Template:GPLv3 The real Better together Minecraft 1357003995 windows.pngLinux.png1357004124 apple.png Template:Yes