Pocket Edition Program List

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List of Minecraft: PE Clients, Servers, Libraries, Wrappers and Tools.

Name Description Type Author(s) Language License Features Platform Last Version Supported
PocketMine-MP Server with Plugin API, MultiWorlds and more Server shoghicp PHP LGPL Stable Alpha_1.3.3, Dev Alpha_1.3.4dev 1357003995 windows.pngLinux.png1357004124 apple.png v0.7.2 alpha
Minecraft-PE-Proxy UDP proxy for MCPE Servers, allowing joining Online Servers from your local network. Dumps packets Proxy brandon15811 Node.js Unknown Allows seeing sent/received packets through a web interface 1357003995 windows.pngLinux.png1357004124 apple.png v0.7.3 alpha
PocketBurger Extracts information from the Minecraft: PE binary about the protocol + more. Compatible with Burger, Hamburglar and BurgerVitrine shoghicp PHP Generates JSON output, compatible with Burger 1357003995 windows.pngLinux.png1357004124 apple.png v0.7.3 alpha