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This page documents the changes from the last stable Minecraft release (currently 1.4.2) to the current pre-release (or weekly release).

New Packets


Changed Packets

Item Data (0x83)

Server to Client

Sent to specify complex data on an item; currently used only for maps.

Packet ID Field Name Field Type Example Notes
0x83 Item Type short 358 Type of item being modified
Item ID short 0 The ID (damage value) of the item being modified
Text length short 35 Length of following byte array
Text byte array {0,0,0,20,20,20,20,20} ASCII text.
Total Size: 7 bytes + Text length

Maps If the first byte of the text is 0, the next two bytes are X start and Y start and the rest of the bytes are the colors in that column.

If the first byte of the text is 1, the rest of the bytes are in groups of three: (data, x, y). The lower half of the data is the type (always 0 under vanilla) and the upper half is the direction.

Changed Data Types

Entity Metadata has an additional field for Slot data types. It now has a short (-1) at the end if there is no further data, or that short is the length of the following NBT array, presumably gzipped NBT data.

Removed Packets


Protocol History