Pre-release protocol

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This page documents the changes from the last stable Minecraft release (currently 1.4.6, protocol 51) to the current pre-release (or weekly release). Note that this page contains bleeding-edge information that may not be completely or correctly documented.

New Packets


Changed Packets

Server to Client

This is sent to the client when it should open an inventory, such as a chest, workbench, or furnace. This message is not sent anywhere for clients opening their own inventory.

Packet ID Field Name Field Type Example Notes
0x64 Window id byte 123 A unique id number for the window to be displayed. Notchian server implementation is a counter, starting at 1.
Inventory Type byte 2 The window type to use for display. Check below
Window title string Chest The title of the window.
Number of Slots byte 3 Number of slots in the window (excluding the number of slots in the player inventory).
Use provided window title boolean 3 If false, the client will look up a string like "window.minecart". If true, the client uses what the server provides.
Total Size: 6 bytes + length of string

Changed Data Types


Removed Packets


Protocol History

13w02a: Added boolean to 0x64 to determine whether or not to use the provided window title.