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Used to generate the table for simple cases where the PVN is unique to a single version.

Takes 3 arguments. The first is the version name (fed into template:Minecraft Wiki). The second is the PVN. The third specifies the page revision, which can be cur for current or blank if not present. An optional snap parameter can be set to indicate that Pre-release protocol should be used instead of Protocol.

Example usage (sample data is not 100% accurate):

{| class="wikitable"
 ! Release name
 ! Version number
 ! Last known documentation
 | {{Minecraft Wiki|1.13.2-pre2}}
 |rowspan="2"| Something
 |rowspan="2"| [{{canonicalurl:Pre-release protocol|oldid=14359}} page]
 | {{Minecraft Wiki|1.13.2-pre1}}

which produces:

Release name Version number Last known documentation
18w43c 442 page
18w43b 441 page
18w43a 440
Java Edition 1.13.2 404 page
1.13.2-pre2 Something page
Java Edition 1.13.1 401 page

The REVISIONID magic word can be subst'd in to help with entering for the previous snapshot (assuming that the version list is updated before the pre-release page is updated).