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This is a rather incomplete list of Minecraft Beta servers currently in development. This page only lists servers written from scratch. For mods and wrappers, see the Utility List.

A couple things for contributors:

  • If you haven't committed to your repository in a few months, I (MAD) am likely to mark you as on hiatus. Don't take it personally; just write more code and update the wiki.
  • I (MAD) rely on README files to gather server features. If you don't have one, you run the risk that I will read your source code to discern what your server can do. This might not be what you wanted. >:3
  • Yes, the "Networking" column really does ask the question, "Can your server actually talk to clients?" This is just a litmus test. If your server can't do it, then consider whether it's ready for this page.

Name Author(s) Language License Asynchronous I/O Networking World Formats Multiworld Physics Entities Concurrency Model Scripting Development Status
Bravo MostAwesomeDude Python MIT/X11 Unknown Yes Alpha, Beta Yes Yes Players, Mobs Processes Python Active
Chunky Monkey agon, huin (lead contributor), jnwhiteh, nictuku Google Go MIT Unknown Yes Alpha, Beta Planned Entities: yes; Blocks: Planned Players: yes; Mobs: In progress Goroutines (Multi-host planned) (TBD) Active
craftd kev009 C Simplified BSD Unknown Yes Alpha No Yes Planned Threads Many (plugins) Active
Erlcraft Scott Brooks Erlang Unknown (Source files have no copyright?!) Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown On hiatus
Glowstone SpaceManiac (fork of Lightstone) Java MIT Networking (Netty) Yes Beta Yes Planned Planned Event-driven Bukkit Superseded by Spout
Gruved Jckf, electronicsRules Perl Open source No Yes Beta planned Partial Planned Planned Event-driven Perl Semi-Active
Lightstone Graham Edgecombe Java MIT Unknown Yes In Progress (Beta) Planned Planned Planned Event-driven Planned (Ruby) Semi-Active
McCraft Nemrael Java GPLv3 Unknown Yes (Java NIO) Beta (read-access) Yes Planned Planned Threads Planned Active
MCServer FakeTruth C++ Open source Unknown Yes Raw Yes Yes Players, Mobs Threads Lua Active
Mineserver Fador, Psoden, deoxxa C++ New BSD License Unknown Yes Beta Yes Yes Players, Mobs Unknown C++ Cancelled
Mineserver 2 deoxxa, Jailout2000 C++ New BSD License Unknown Yes Planned Planned Planned Planned boost, ZeroMQ C++ Active
MWP jake-anq, goshat Perl,C++ Open source No In progress Beta/Custom Planned Planned Planned Events,Coroutines Perl Pre-alpha (On hiatus)
Myne2 aera, iKJames Python Simplified BSD Unknown Yes n/a No No No Threads Python Cancelled
Netherrack Cruz Bishop (for Massive Dynamics) Java MIT Unknown Up to login supported Planned (Custom) In progress In block definition Partial mob definition support Threads + Scheduled events Dynamic (Java planned) Active extremely early snapshots
Quartz Moose C++ Unknown Unknown Yes Alpha No Yes No Threads No On hiatus
Realcraft Jailout2000 Realbasic General public / proprietary No Yes Custom
(Converters planned)
Yes Planned Players, other entities are WIP None Custom Realcraft Text Files Active
RealMC thomasfn C# Closed source Yes Yes Custom No No Yes Async IO Lua Active
Schlagwetter louisdx C++0x unspecified open source Unknown Yes n/a No Planned Planned Threads No Active
SilentCraft Silentneeb, BizarreCake C# Closed source Unknown Yes Alpha No No No Threads No Cancelled
(with Vanilla plugin)
SpoutDev (fork of Glowstone) Java SpoutDev v1 Networking (Netty) Yes Custom
(Converters planned)
Yes Partial Partial Event-driven SpoutAPI Active
XMC Xinnx C# GPLv3 Yes Yes Alpha, Beta: WIP No Planned Players, Partial mob support Threads + Async File IO .NET Plugins Rewrite in progress