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Minecraft Modern Tools and Mods
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This is a rather incomplete list of Minecraft Modern servers currently in development. This page only lists servers written from scratch. For mods and wrappers, see the Utility List and the Wrapper List.

A couple things for contributors:

  • If you haven't committed to your repository in a few months, it will be marked as on hiatus. Don't take it personally; just write more code and update the wiki.
  • Wiki editors rely on README files to gather server features. If you don't have one, you run the risk that they will read your source code to discern what your server can do. This might not be what you wanted. >:3
Name Author(s) Language License Last Version Supported World Formats Multiworld Physics Entities Concurrency Model Scripting Platform Development Status
Bravo Corbin Simpson Python MIT/X11 1.4.6 Alpha, Beta, Anvil Yes Yes Players, Mobs Async I/O, Processes Python Linux, Windows Active
hCraft BizarreCake C++ GPLv3 1.4.6 Custom (HWv1) Yes Yes Players Threads/Events No Linux Active
MCServer FakeTruth, xoft, luksor C++ Apache 2.0 1.4.6 Anvil Yes Yes Players, Mobs Threads Lua Windows,Mac,
Mineserver Fador, Psoden, deoxxa C++ New BSD License 1.4.6 Anvil Yes Yes Players, Mobs Unknown C++ Linux,
PartyCraft Drew DeVault (SirCmpwn) C# MIT 1.4.6 Anvil Yes Yes Yes Async Networking/Logic No Windows,Linux Active
(with Vanilla plugin)
Spout LLC and community Java Spout License v1 1.4.6 Custom Yes Partial Partial Parallel Threads Java (SpoutAPI) Linux,
BurningPig Joe Doyle (JoeDoyle23) JavaScript
MIT 1.4.5 Custom Planned No Players Async Networking No Linux,
mc-erl Apiocera, clonejo Erlang not decided yet 1.4.5 custom (Mnesia) No No Players Erlang processes No Unknown Active
jsmc Conrad Pankoff (deoxxa) JavaScript (Node.js) New BSD License 1.4.2 No No No Players Async Networking/Logic JavaScript Linux,
FastCraft sprenger120 C++ GPLv3 1.3.2 Anvil (read access) Planned Planned Players, mobs Threads Planned (Lua) Unknown Active
Realcraft Jailout2000 Realbasic Closed source 1.3.2 Custom Yes Planned Players, other entities are WIP Event-driven No Linux,Windows Active
XMC Xinnx C# GPLv3 Beta 1.4 Alpha, Beta No Planned Players, Partial mob support Threads + Async File IO .NET Plugins Unknown Rewrite in progress
Mineserver 2 deoxxa, Jailout2000 C++ New BSD License Unknown Planned Planned Planned Planned boost, ZeroMQ C++ Unknown On hiatus since April 2012