Slot Data

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The Slot data structure is how Minecraft represents an item and its associated data in the Minecraft Protocol.


Name Type Meaning
Present Boolean True if there is an item in this position; false if it is empty.
Item ID Optional VarInt The item ID. Omitted if present is false. Item IDs are distinct from block IDs; see Data Generators for more information
Item Count Optional Byte Omitted if present is false.
NBT Optional NBT Omitted if present is false. If 0 (TAG_End), there is no NBT data, and no further data follows. Otherwise the byte is the start of an NBT blob as shown below:
    LIST 'StoredEnchantments'
        SHORT 'id'
        SHORT 'lvl'
    INT 'Unbreakable'

See NBT for more information about the NBT format, and here for the contained information and its format. Note that tool durability is included in NBT, among other things.


  00                      | empty slot
  01 01 01 00             | a stone block
  01 01 01 04 CA FE BA BE | a stone block with (made-up) NBT data