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Minecraft not in Beta anymore

Can we change all "Minecraft Beta" references to just "Minecraft" on this wiki? --Thvortex 16:57, 13 January 2012 (MST)

How about "Minecraft Modern" and start referring to it as the Modern Protocol (to juxtapose with "Classic Protocol") 01:07, 13 March 2012 (MST)

The official website uses "Minecraft" and "Minecraft Classic" when referring to the two versions. That's what I as going for. --Thvortex 00:14, 27 March 2012 (MST)


A domain called wiki for Minecraft? Seems odd. VG? Never heard such a country code. --Bleonard252 (talk) 17:29, 29 July 2015 (UTC)

[.vg] is apparently for the Virgin Islands, but also can be used to mean video games, if that helps. --Pokechu22 (talk) 00:06, 26 October 2015 (UTC)