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What is this wiki?

On March 30th, 2020, Epic took down the community wiki for Unreal Engine without notice, after being read-only for some time.

The `Unreal` namespace on this wiki is dedicated to preserving and updating what content can be recovered from the wayback machine and Google's cached pages. You can see a list of all pages here.

How can you help?

  • Priority goes to recovering any articles you can from the Google cache and the Wayback machine before it disappears for good.
  • A fair bit of content has been restored from its original mediawiki source. However, it appears Epic used an automated tool to transfer their old wiki content into mediawiki, and it generated some less-than-ideal markup. Cleaning up this markup can greatly reduce the size of a page and help improve presentation.
  • Update old articles to improve the quality content.
  • Help rewrite content to remove "we", "us", "by Epic", etc. This is not an official wiki, and the language of the articles shouldn't imply that it is. It's also good wiki form in general to not write as a narrator.