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I'm a programmer who has been playing Minecraft since Beta.
I'm interested in the protocol and networking.
You can find cool stuff on my GitHub page.
I work on Lunar Client.

My main languages are Java, Kotlin, Scala, & now Rust, but I'm good with pretty much any language.


These are some notable projects. Don't bug me about starting them up again.

  • PhaseBot (Java) was a bot for Minecraft: JE v1.8. The built in scripting language allowed you to do some pretty cool stuff.
  • Fountain was an attempt at a Minecraft: JE Server API. It didn't go too well. Just use Sponge, it's the best out there.
  • fisher (Kotlin) is a good example of a client using MCProtocolLib. It waits for fishing hooks to bob and then reals in the loot.