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Might I ask why my changed were reverted? Other pages such as servers had inactive projects pruned.

Come talk to us in #mcdevs, we're discussing it. TkTech ( (talk) 02:56, 4 January 2013 (MST)

A couple of things regarding the wiki

Hi, I have registered today and noticed a few things:

  • I could not initially confirm my email because confirmation emails are sent from the domain which does not currently exist. This is the error message I was having on my mail server:
May 27 01:35:35 m sm-mta[56110]: w4R1ZX0j056110: ruleset=check_mail,
arg1=<>, [],
reject=553 5.1.8 <>... Domain of sender address does not exist

I have worked around this by disabling domain checks temporarily, but that works only for myself.

Thanks for running this wiki - the technical value of what is posted here is excellent!  « Saper // @talk »  02:21, 27 May 2018 (UTC)

Request for adding a custom css rule

I want to improve the page in a way that the table is showing only release versions by default and has an expand button that will expand the table to show all the snapshot and release candidates.

Basically I make the entire table collapsible and the custom css rule forces the lines of releases to still show.

For that I want to edit the template that it adds a class to the releases, first line of that file needs to be updated to

<includeonly> |- {{#if: {{{snap|}}} | | class="nocollapse"}}

and the table definition can be edited from

{| class="wikitable"


{| class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsed wikitable"

I tested this with custom stylesheet in preview already and it worked great, so if you add this custom css to the page, we can improve that too-long-page to be shorter by default:

.nocollapse { display: table-row !important}

This cannot be added as style in-page as the javascript for collapsing does replace it and it is not possible to define css styles in page source code. --Janmm14 (talk) 12:27, 30 October 2020 (UTC)

Request for adding Namespace definitions in LocalSettings.php.

I recently noticed that ZH and Realcraft etc are not REAL namespaces. So I request for adding the definitions for them to enable MediaWiki namespace-related functions. For example:

1 define("NS_ZH", 16); // This MUST be even.
2 define("NS_ZH_TALK", 17); // This MUST be the following odd integer.
3 $wgExtraNamespaces[NS_ZH] = "Zh";
4 $wgExtraNamespaces[NS_ZH_TALK] = "Zh_talk"; // Note underscores in the namespace name.

Thank you a lot. -Miemie Method (talk) 07:52, 17 April 2021 (UTC)

The Zh namespace has enough content now to be promoted, however the Realcraft one is abandoned and may be amalgamated and cleaned up. TkTech (talk) 19:05, 25 November 2021 (UTC)

Deleting account on the wiki

Hi! I registered for this wiki a couple of years ago and now I am no longer in need of this account. Please delete all information associated with this account on this wiki (Username “Dreta”, email address “acc ount s (at)”). Feel free to send me an email to verify if I am able to access that email. Thank you!

Notifications Test

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