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A list of tools to help out your Minecraft development.

Name Description Last Supported Protocol Language Operating System Author Development Status
ProtoProxy a subproject of MCServer, protocol proxy performing a man-in-the-middle attack on the protocol encryption, and parses basic packets. #51 - 1.4.6 C++ Windows xoft Active
SMProxy SMProxy is a powerful debugging tool for Minecraft that can be used to log and manipulate communication between a server and client. #51 - 1.4.6 C# Windows, Mac, & Linux SirCmpwn Active
McPacketSniffer A Minecraft client mod that logs packets to text files #47 - 1.4.4 Java Windows, Mac, & Linux bencvt Active
sadimusi/mc3p A 1.4.2-compatible fork of m3cp #47 - 1.4.2 Python Windows, Mac, & Linux sadimusi Active
m3cp Actively maintained Python Minecraft proxy with plugin support. #29 - 1.2.5 Python Windows, Mac, & Linux mmcgill Inactive
NetMinecraftMapViewer Map viewer showing entity locations and special blocks via TCP proxy #29 - 1.2.5 C# Inactive
MCProxy A java minecraft-proxy that can load plugins. #29 - 1.2.5 Java Maincraft Inactive
WiresharkDissector A wireshark dissector for the Minecraft protocol #28 - 1.2 C ScottBrooks Inactive
golem Ruby 1.9 client, acts as a standalone bot or transparent proxy #10 - 1.4b Ruby aniero Inactive
Mineproxy mineproxy C & C++ ReDucTor Inactive
minecraft-proxy A Minecraft protocol proxy Haskell glguy Inactive
mcproxy A modular client and server-side network protocol proxy #29 - 1.2.5 C Nadrin Inactive