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Minecraft Modern Tools and Mods
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A list of tools to help out your Minecraft development.

Name Description Last Supported Protocol Language Operating System Author Development Status
Paxy The most efficient Minecraft Java proxy, focused on packet transformation 1.17 Java (JS for packet listening) Windows, Mac and Linux TheMode Inactive
SniffCraft C++ proxy for Java Edition to display packet and debug network usage #763 - 1.20.1 C++ Windows, Mac and Linux adepierre Active
MC-Remapper Deobfuscate minecraft source code Unspecific Kotlin Unspecific HeartPattern Active
pakkit A Minecraft Java Edition and Bedrock Edition packet watcher proxy to view and edit and resend packets. Latest versions JS Unspecific Heath123/circuit10 Active
minecraft-packets Example minecraft packets dumped from minecraft java edition. Latest versions Unspecific Unspecific U9G Active
Various tools from Minosoft Some tools to speed up and make the development easier Unspecific Python Unspecific Bixilon Active
MCPC Dissector Wireshark dissector for Minecraft #340 C Windows, Mac and Linux uis Active
JarFingerPrinter A single program to finger print minecraft jars. Check repository for format of fingerpints and where to find precomputed ones. Supports any jar. Python Windows , Mac and Linux chibill Inactive
PAaaS Protocol Analysis as a Service, Web interface for Burger and other tools #302 - Latest snapshot to 1.8 Java Windows , Mac and Linux Matsv & _MylesC Inactive
Geyser A packet translator allowing for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition clients to join Minecraft: Java Edition servers. 1.20.1 Java Windows, Mac, Linux GeyserMC Team and contributors Active
ProtoProxy A subproject of Cuberite, protocol proxy performing a man-in-the-middle attack on the protocol encryption, and parsing basic packets. #47 - 1.8.9 C++ Windows, Mac, Linux FakeTruth, xoft, More Active
MPM (Minecraft Package Manager) Command line based Minecraft launcher. Unspecific Java Unspecific ByteBuf Inactive
mc4p A continuation of mc3p #109 - 1.9.1 Python Windows, Mac, & Linux sadimusi Inactive
DarkBot Minecraft client, automation (AI) platform, and modular protocol library. Can play Minecraft on its own (on any 1.5.2+ server). #5 - 1.7.9
(and #4, #61, #74, #78)
Java Windows, Mac, & Linux DarkStorm Inactive
minecraft-sniffer A proxy that prints out server and client packets in JSON format. Does not support encryption. #5 - 1.7.10 node.js Windows, Mac, & Linux Yogu Inactive
SMProxy SMProxy is a powerful debugging tool for Minecraft that can be used to log and manipulate communication between a server and client. #79 - 13w38c C# Windows, Mac, & Linux SirCmpwn Inactive
mcserve gives you an "online mode whitelist" (or blacklist) plus realtime web interface #60 - 1.5 node.js Windows, Mac, & Linux superjoe Inactive
McPacketSniffer A Minecraft client mod that logs packets to text files #47 - 1.4.4 Java Windows, Mac, & Linux bencvt Inactive
mc3p Python Minecraft proxy with plugin support. #29 - 1.2.5 Python Windows, Mac, & Linux mmcgill Inactive
NetMinecraftMapViewer Map viewer showing entity locations and special blocks via TCP proxy #29 - 1.2.5 C# Inactive
MCProxy A java minecraft-proxy that can load plugins. #29 - 1.2.5 Java Maincraft Inactive
mcproxy A modular client and server-side network protocol proxy #29 - 1.2.5 C Nadrin Inactive
WiresharkDissector A wireshark dissector for the Minecraft protocol #28 - 1.2 C ScottBrooks Inactive
golem Ruby 1.9 client, acts as a standalone bot or transparent proxy #10 - 1.4b Ruby aniero Inactive
Mineproxy mineproxy C & C++ ReDucTor Inactive
minecraft-proxy A Minecraft protocol proxy Haskell glguy Inactive