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These are wrappers for both the client and server vanilla interfaces.

See the client list page for custom clients and the server list page for custom servers.

Client Wrappers

These are wrappers for the vanilla Minecraft client.

Name Author(s) Language License Scripting Development Status
LegacyLauncher / LaunchWrapper Mojang, cpw Java None Tweak injection Active (used by vanilla Minecraft for alpha and below)
modlauncher cpw Java GNU LGPL v3 Java service providers Active
MinecraftForge MinecraftForge team Java GNU LGPL v2.1 Java Archives Active
LiteLoader Mumfrey Java Proprietary .litemod Java Archives Active
DarkMod (Launcher) DarkStorm Java BSD Java Archives Inactive (Alpha 1.2.6 - Current 1.6.4)

Server Wrappers

These are wrappers for the vanilla Minecraft server.

Name Author(s) Version Language License Scripting Development Status
Sponge SpongePowered Staff 1.12 Java MIT Java Active
Spigot Spigot Team 1.15 Java GPLv3 Java Active
Bukkit Bukkit Team 1.7.10 Java GPLv3 Java Inactive (DMCA'd)
NeptuneMod jamierocks 1.8 Java MIT Java Inactive
CanaryMod CanaryMod Team 1.8 Java GPLv3 Java Inactive
CanaryClassic CanaryMod Team 1.6.4 Java LGPLv3 Java Inactive
hMod traitor Beta 1.4 Java Unknown Java Inactive
Spoon iLexiconn Unknown Java MIT Java Inactive (source unknown?)
SimpleServer sadimusi 1.4.6 Java See LICENSE No Inactive