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Binary Package



Obtain prerequisites

To build craftd from source in Linux, you will need the following packages and development headers installed:

Debian users may need to additionally install libltdl-dev. Symptoms:

  • AC_LTDL_DLLIB not defined
  • ltdl.m4 not found

Optional features:

Most popular distributions do not have a package for the latest version of libevent. Therefore, it is best to fetch it from their website (shown above) and compile it. The latest release as of Feb. 5, 2011 is 2.0.10. Once you have obtained this package, extract it and run the following inside the resulting folder:

make install

Get the Source

First, checkout the code by running:

git clone git://

The first time you check out the source, you will need to generate a configure script. You can do this by running the following in the working copy directory:


Now that you have a configure script, run it by executing:


See the README file for more information on options to pass to configure.


NOTE: If you have a multi-core processor available, you can decrease compile-time by running `make -jX` instead of `make`, where X is the number of processor cores you have.

You can compile and install the server by running the following from your working copy directory:

make install


By default, an example config file is installed to /usr/local/etc/craftd/craftd.conf.dist. You should make a copy of this file called craftd.conf and edit that to suit your purposes. See Craftd:Configuration for more information on editing this file.