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craftd is on github. This is a developer preview for feedback. It doesn't currently implement much of the Minecraft protocol, but you can follow along and track progress. Check back later for release tarballs and eventually binaries.


0.3 - Future (May change)

GOAL: Stable core and operation with 100 player over 24 hours

  • Complex world modifications
    • Implement simple World Block Actions
      • Grass Spread
      • Fire Spread
      • Water/Lava Spread
    • Fix Implementation of Time
    • Implement Lighting Engine
    • Implement Block Identifiers (Wood, Stone, etc)
  • Basic Mobs
    • Implement Pigs
    • Implement Cows
    • Implement Sheep
    • Implement mutant duck/bird thing we call Chickens
  • Correctly Implement Creative Mode

0.2 - In Progress

GOAL: Stable core and operation with 100 players over 30 minutes

Current Projects:

  • Block Breaking (including Event Handles) HACKhalo2 github
  • Player Inventories Alyawn github

0.1a - Released

Experimental release exploring the Minecraft protocol and various libraries. Basic support for loading worlds and walking around.


These depend on developer interest and current needs.

  • Proxy (dotblank?)- re-implement proxy support to front-end other servers for multi-world, protocol optimization, etc.
  • InfiniCraft - if this isn't dead, implement it some time

Dev stuff

Things that have been hashed out:

  • Autotools build system for cross-platform ease & possible distro inclusion
  • libevent2 cross-platform event polling and network I/O
  • Fast packet state machine and variable length packet decoder
  • Pthreads worker pool
  • libevent2 integrated httpd
  • Daemon basics -- need conventional SIG handlers, SIGHUP, pid locks
  • Choose a FOSS license -> Simplified BSD
  • Logging. XSI/Single UNIX Specification syslog most likely. -> syslog with alternative stdout selector at runtime.
  • Configuration files -> JSON formatted
  • Chat, motd, string handling (bstring)
  • Basic NBT read and write support
  • Chunk sending
  • Dynamically tunable worker pool

Future directions/TODO:

These are future research and development ideas in arbitrary order.

  • World file format. custom w/import-export? BerkeleyDB?
  • Sparse matrix for ^?
  • Binaries for Linux, Win32(MinGW), FreeBSD
  • Stress test w/large num users - Goal 100+ simultaneous
  • Use more zero copy I/O
  • JSON-REST admin/status API
  • Security audit - perpetual
  • Running from a chroot
  • Native WIN32 threading with MinGW - needs a contributor/maintainer
  • Protocol testing framework
  • IPC to an IRC relay agent
  • Alternative/improved protocol for NPCs, bots, scripting?