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These features are currently implemented in Realcraft.

  • Cross-platform support
  • MySQL database support (partial completion, see planned features)
    • Player ranks
    • Server and world-specific options
    • Player position saving/loading
  • Chat and command support
  • Player ping list (in-game tab window) support (includes user colors and actual pings)
  • Entity actions such as sprinting and crouching
  • Custom world saving/loading
    • Custom format must be smaller than MCRegion format and also must not use NBT


These features have yet to be implemented into Realcraft, but are planned for the future.

  • Use libnoise for world generation
  • Player authentication using
  • Better entity management
  • Sending player spawn messages to other players
    • Prerequisite: Fix entity management
  • MySQL database support (partial completion, see implemented features)
    • Player whitelist and blacklist support (MySQL tables are in-place for such features)
    • Server logging
      • Access logs for chests
      • Entry logs for areas, some moderation so they cannot spam the logs by leaving/entering the area repeatedly in a small period
      • Chat and command history
      • Attempted access for blocked chests (i.e. chest owner X banned Y player, Y player tries to access chest)
    • Chest/door/area protection (MySQL tables are in-place for such features)
    • Server jail support using an area specified by the admin; possibly instead of kicking user on cheat/spam, just jail them? Could be a setting
  • Anti-cheat system
    • Kick player if cheating suspected, note in logs
    • No player teleporting (flying, moving fast, etc.) unless generated by server
      • If creative mode is enabled, client-side flying is allowed since the vanilla client has this, but moving must still be checked upon if they're in flight
    • No arbitrarily placing blocks/items without checking item in hand first (server-side inventory management)
      • Creative mode does not enable this; creative mode uses its own packet rather than the one used for placing blocks
    • Player must be looking at object in order to interact with or break the object
    • Player must be looking at the direction they're facing for placement of blocks/objects
  • Anti-spam in chat
    • Kick player if spam detected, note in logs
    • Be tolerant of network latency issues causing Minecraft to re-send chat messages
      • Need to see why this actually occurs. If TCP frames are being repeated, this is already fixed by Realbasic's TCPSocket class
  • Detection of players entering/leaving areas
    • Need to create a caching system that is both fast (will be queued every time someone moves) and is also self-managed by MySQL tables
    • Stop movement of players entering areas they're banned from
  • More in-game commands
  • Native WorldEdit functionality (won't be as advanced as the Bukkit plugin, but should provide common features such as replace, set, cuboid, walls, outline, expand, etc.)