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Warning.png This article is probably outdated - current version is 2

Every 15 minutes, minecraft sends a HTTP POST request giving stats. This can be disabled in

Field Client Server Example Notes
applet Template:Yes No true
avg_rec_packet_count No Template:Yes 0
avg_rec_packet_size No Template:Yes 0
avg_sent_packet_count No Template:Yes 6
avg_sent_packet_size No Template:Yes 44
avg_tick_ms No Template:Yes 3
client_brand Template:Yes No vanilla via ClientBrandRetriever.getClientModName()
cpu_cores Template:Yes Template:Yes 2 via Runtime.getRuntime().availableProcessors()
dedicated No Template:Yes true
display_frequency Template:Yes No 60 via org.lwjgl.opengl.Display.getDisplayMode().getFrequency()
display_type Template:Yes No windowed windowed or fullscreen
fps Template:Yes No 60
gl_caps[key] Template:Yes No varies by key via org.lwjgl.opengl.GLContext.getCapabilities().GL_ARB_key
gl_max_texture_size Template:Yes No 8192
gui_state No Template:Yes disabled enabled or disabled
gui_supported No Template:Yes headless via java.awt.GraphicsEnvironment.isHeadless() (headless or supported)
java_version Template:Yes Template:Yes 1.6.0_24 via System.getProperty("java.version")
jvm_arg[n] Template:Yes Template:Yes -Xms2800M via (-X args only)
jvm_args Template:Yes Template:Yes 2 see above
memory_free Template:Yes Template:Yes 2429082024 via Runtime.getRuntime().freeMemory()
memory_max Template:Yes Template:Yes 2813722624 via Runtime.getRuntime().maxMemory()
memory_total Template:Yes Template:Yes 2813722624 via Runtime.getRuntime().totalMemory()
opengl_vendor Template:Yes No NVIDIA Corporation via GL11.glGetString(GL_VENDOR)
opengl_version Template:Yes No 3.3.0 NVIDIA 302.17 via GL11.glGetString(GL_VERSION)
os_architecture Template:Yes Template:Yes amd64 via System.getProperty("os.arch")
os_name Template:Yes Template:Yes Linux via System.getProperty("")
os_version Template:Yes Template:Yes 3.2.0-3-amd64 via System.getProperty("os.version")
players_current No Template:Yes 0
players_max No Template:Yes 20
players_seen No Template:Yes 4 counts files in world/players
server_brand No Template:Yes vanilla via getServerModName() (hardcoded to "vanilla", overwritten by bukkit et al)
singleplayer No Template:Yes false whether or not the server is running to support a singleplayer session
snooper_count Template:Yes Template:Yes 0 how many times the snooper has reported so far
snooper_token Template:Yes Template:Yes dfe921ac-0293-4e42-8d99-1316cdd626d8 via java.util.UUID.randomUUID().toString() (unique per program launch)
texpack_name Template:Yes No Default
texpack_resolution Template:Yes No 16
uses_auth No Template:Yes true corresponds to online-mode in
version Template:Yes Template:Yes 1.4.2
vsync_enabled Template:Yes No true
whitelist_count No Template:Yes 0
whitelist_enabled No Template:Yes false
world[n][chunks_loaded] No Template:Yes 978
world[n][difficulty] No Template:Yes 1
world[n][dimension] No Template:Yes 0
world[n][generator_name] No Template:Yes default
world[n][generator_version] No Template:Yes 1
world[n][hardcore] No Template:Yes false
world[n][height] No Template:Yes 256
world[n][mode] No Template:Yes SURVIVAL
worlds No Template:Yes 3