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Realcraft is written as closed-source. Assume general public / proprietary software if you ever receive a copy of Realcraft.

Also note that the github repository is not where the source will live. The source lives on my hard drive until I feel like uploading it to git. I will be using github for a backup of Realcraft's source only, and not as the main source. Also note that I update the single binary file more often than any of the version-control-format files, therefore you'll have to download Real Studio to see any recent changes, unless I update the other files.


Your use of Realcraft is subject to these terms and conditions. By going online or adding the server to your server list, you are claiming that you understand that you are taking part of this disclaimer and have read it yourself through and through.

  1. Do not steal the Realcraft name, be creative if it comes to that point.
  2. Using the server counts as connecting to it, either via Minecraft, the Minecraft server list which will automatically ping the server, or even custom software.
  3. No warranty will be given when using the server. If your hardware or operating system breaks, it's not my fault. Though if Minecraft crashes, let me know because I may or may not be able to fix it.
  4. I will not help you should you have any questions if you will not give me an understandable question; use your head and commonsense. Use proper grammar and spelling, even if I don't. I only fully understand English (United States). I will answer most questions if I know what you're asking. Also note that I live in the United States and may not be available at the time of your discretion.
  5. When you use the server, obey its rules and conditions which may or may not be automatically displayed to you when you enter the server. They apply towards this as well.
  6. I can ban anyone's IP address and/or username at my sole discretion for any length of time I wish. I can also see if you try to get on while you're banned.
  7. Using the server with full intention to break it or misuse it will be considered grounds for your IP and/or name ban.
  8. Other conditions may come later.